Forensics Toxicology Results – Effective in Reaching Criminal

Forensics Toxicology is a common term heard when any murder or crime takes place. But can it really help in solving the murder case? The answer is Yes. Before proceeding forward towards this explanation, let’s understand first what is Forensics toxicology. Well, it is used to measure drugs, alcohol and various poisonous chemicals present in humans or other biological species. Diagnosis of the source of death in any murder case can open the important layers of crime undoubtedly.

Toxicology tests can be carried out through urine or blood samples. Many forensic toxicology labs also conduct these tests with stomach fluids, saliva, etc. It depends on the accuracy of the technicians that how well & fast they determine the cause of death of the victim. There are various ways with which a murderer can poison a person that leads to his death. For example, mixing of poison in the drink, high dosage of drugs, etc.


Toxicology tests help the cops to solve the mystery of a crime so that they can reach the criminal faster. With the increasing rate of crimes in the country, it is essential that cases solve at a faster pace. Keeping the motive of easy criminal detection, forensics toxicology results can help cops & lawyers to a great extent.


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