Why We Want Synthetic Drug Testing.


What is This Drug?

Artificial drugs are made in order to mimic their natural alternatives. You might already be familiar with the names of some synthetic drugs like meth, PCP, and ecstasy, all of which are cooked up in a lab. The newest technology of synthetic drugs tries to mimic the high an user can have from smoking marijuana, called “potpourri.

These artificial drugs appeal to the younger generation, especially, because they are often defined as legal and safe ways to get high. Unfortunately, these drugs, for potent than their natural counterparts, can still cause addiction, body organ damage, everlasting mental and physical harm, and even death. No studies have been conducted that contain determined the long-term results of using synthetic drugs on the body}, and with almost all of these drugs approaching from China and Russia to be repackaged for retail sale in the U. S.


1    Long-lasting bouts of hyperactivity

2    Long-lasting bouts of lethargy and sleepiness

3    Unusually aggressive behavior and violence streak.

4    Physical illness like vomiting, high bp, heart palpitations, chest pain, panic attacks    etc.

5    Noticeable & unusual shifts in moods.

6    Symptoms of psychosis, as hallucinations, delusions, or paranoia

7    Excessive sweating and pale skin

8    Inability to speak

9    Lack of pain response

10   Lawless spastic body movements or paralyzation.


Risk For Public 

Sadly, synthetic marijuana doesn’t just harm the user. In many instances against others. Because there is no antidote to fabricated marijuana, synthetic drug testing personnel must often heavily sedate thrashing users until the associated with the drug wear off; but sometimes, the medication can also lead users to harm others or even commit murder while under its influence. 

Where to Get Treatment for Synthetic Drug 

Treatment for synthetic drug craving is very similar to treatment for craving to other types of drugs.Because of the severe risks associate don’t wait to get help for you or a loved one who may be addicted.


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