What Causes Food poisoning?


There are millions of illness caused by food poisoning every year. As a healthcare professional, we are bound to check on a regular basis. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and there are a number of things that can reduce the risk of exposure to some of the common bacteria that cause it. Learn those common causes of food poisoning.

Half-baked or un-baked food- If you’re cooking at home or going out, eating food that hasn’t recently been cooked thoroughly or helped bring to the appropriate temp can put you at high risk of growing food poisoning. These food types can all bring bacteria when they are not cooked long enough to eliminate off the offending contaminants.


An improper temperature for food- Although simple common sense would let you know that leaving foods like meats and dairy products away of refrigeration makes them unfit to eat, heat regulation can be somewhat more complicated. Refrigerators can malfunction, foods can be forgotten on the table and instructions on trademarks can be misread. To keep yourself safe, check the temperature of your fridge and freezer. That they must be at 45 degrees F and zero degrees F respectively. read the labels carefully.

Cross-contamination of foods by raw meat- Cross-contamination of foods is a serious health issue and the one which many out there should be highly aware of steering clear of at home. When drinks from contaminated meat get onto cutting boards, hands and into the refrigerator, contamination can spread to other foods, some of which you will possibly not plan to cook at all. You have to keep raw meat, and fish separate from the other foods. Food Poison Detection.

Improper canning- Canning foods at home is a common practice for several decades, but it’s the one that has to be carefully supervised as a way to ensure that the foodstuff being preserved will not likely carry contaminates along with it. Always boil containers and lids to be used in canning to kill off any loitering bacteria and ensure that all cans are properly sealed. Improper canning can also happen with foods you get off grocery store shelves so look out for bulges, tainted food, or seepage.


Wash hands before preparing or eating food- Toxins of foods from filthy hands is a major reason behind many cases of food poisoning. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling foods at home and only eat at restaurants with strong showings in health division assessments. Additionally, always make sure your hands are clean before eating food as well, particularly when you will be touching them.

Product not washing properly before preparation- Actually those seemingly innocuous vegetables could be the source of food poisoning if not cleaned and prepared properly. Before to reaching your stand, there’s no telling how several things may have come in contact with, so always clean any fruit or vegetables with comfortable kitchen brush and water to ensure that any bacteria it contains will be typically washed away. This is especially important with foods that you do not plan to cook.


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