Various Types of Drug Testing Methods

If you’re not used to exploring information about drug testing, you almost certainly wish to know some quick factual statements about the several types of drug testing methods.

The tips below should help you with an instant overview of the several types of drug tests.

Urine Test:

  • Most administered kind of drug test.
  • 4.7% of basic US workforce analyzed positive for illicit drugs on the urine test in 2014.
  • Can identify months of use for level soluble drugs (Ex. marijuana) and some days for drinking water-soluble drugs (Ex. Cocaine).


Hair Test for Drug Use:

  • Sample wild hair strands (100-120 strands) are extracted from a subject and analyzed.
  • Depending on the number of hair strands used, diagnosis time for all drugs is up to 3 months.
  • The 1.5-inch strand of hair can look back 3 months, shorter strands have less detection time.

Saliva test:

  • The saliva test is used by wiping a test swab inside mouth area to acquire saliva sample.
  • Detects only recent use. Recognition window starts off with a small amount of time after ingestion to 24-48 time after ingestion of medication.
  • The test can be implemented on job site by non-lab personal.

Blood test for Drug Use:

  • The blood test is sketched by medical personnel.
  • Used to reliably find the latest use. Detection home window starts from shorts time after ingestion up to seven days (actual detection home window depends upon medication being analyzed for.)
  • Mostly useful to tell if one is intoxicated during the test, like following a workplace incident.


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