How to Prevent Accidental Antifreeze Poisoning?

With the sub-zero temperature set to keep, People have been attaining for the antifreeze to avoid this liquid in their car radiators from turning out to be snow. But antifreeze can be deadly to animals. Most brands of antifreeze have a sweet taste, that can be tempting to pets or animals and even children. The primary ingredient generally in most antifreeze brands is ethylene glycol. Pets who ingest … Continue reading How to Prevent Accidental Antifreeze Poisoning?

What Causes Food poisoning?

There are millions of illness caused by food poisoning every year. As a healthcare professional, we are bound to check on a regular basis. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and there are a number of things that can reduce the risk of exposure to some of the common bacteria that cause it. Learn those common causes of food poisoning. Half-baked or … Continue reading What Causes Food poisoning?

Private DNA Testing – What is It?

To affirm paternity utilizing the private DNA testing methodology, scientific researchers make profiles of the child’s and mother’s DNA. At that point these profiles are contrasted with the suspected father’s profile. The child’s DNA band design must be a half and half of the profiles of the father and mother. The kid’s profile can exclude a DNA band that was not contributed by either parent. … Continue reading Private DNA Testing – What is It?